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Specialists in commercial and industrial


Features & Benefits of


  • Reducing heating bills
  • Reduction loft dust
  • Elimination of roof condensation
  • Seasonable control
  • Increase roof strength
  • Approved to British Standard Accreditations and FAA (Fire) ratings
  • Extended roof life
  • Noise reduction

Experienced in Comercial Foam Roofs

Insulado Spray Foam offer several high-performance commercial roof insulation which are perfect for commercial and industrial applications. Our commercial foam roof installation can combat issues such as internal condensation build up, energy inefficiency due to excessive heat loss, and weakened roofing. Further advantages, which make a foam roof particularly appropriate for use as industrial and commercial roof insulation,  the wide variety of roofing materials it can be applied to, including aluminium, metal, gravel, wood, single ply, felt, etc. We pride ourselves on the variety of insulation solutions we can offer which allows us to fulfil the needs of challenging or unconventional buildings.

At Insulado Spray Foam, we strive to provide great service alongside great spray foam insulation solutions. Our team is, therefore, comprised of professional and experienced installers who are accredited by manufacturers to use their products. We have a strong and well-established reputation for quality, reliability and competitive pricing. To help you determine the degree to which spray foam will benefit your individual building or property. A specialist will survey your site and provide you with a realistic assessment of quantifiable improvement potential and projected heat resistance (R-value) increments when varying depths of insulation are installed.

To set up the installation of a commercial foam roof in your property from expert commercial roofing contractors, get in touch today. We will complete the job to a high standard with the least disruption possible.

12 Reasons to consider Insulado’s Roof Renovation & Insulation solution

  • Guaranteed savings, repayment on investment
  • Energy efficient, providing a high level of insulation
  • Increased roof stability – withstands gales & storms
  • Prevents and eliminates condensation
  • Maintenance free
  • Prevents the need for re-roofing
  • Provides dust and noise reduction
  • Cooler in summer, warmer in winter
  • Ensures cleaner and drier usable loft space
  • Provides a seamless, airtight roof seal
  • Can be applied to all types of roof structures
  • 10 year insurance backed guarantee